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Sanderson Zoomie Big Block Header Set
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Zoomie Header Set, Big Block Chevy

Sanderson Zoomie headers for big block Chevrolet applications. Comes with individual baffles for each tube.

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Sanderson's patented flange design requires no gaskets

These are the real deal! Our Zoomie headers have our patented leak-free flange and include bolt-in baffles for street use. If it is the classic dragster look you are after, then these are the headers for you.

Length:  20" (50.8cm) from cylinder head flange to lower radius.


Engine : Big Block Chevy (396-454, 502)
Primary Tube Diameter : 2-1/4"
Weight : 35 Lbs / 15.9 Kg


  • 16-Gauge Primary and Collector Tube Thickness
  • 3/8" Thick Flange
  • Patented Flange Design Requires NO Gaskets
  • Tightest Fitting Header Available Anywhere!
  • Made in the USA


  • Header Bolt Set
  • Baffle Set (one for each tube)


Our Aluminized Ceramic Coating is available and RECOMMENDED on all Sanderson Headers. We apply a multi-layer inside and outside silver ceramic coating in-house to meet our high standards of quality, and polish the coated header to a high luster. This coating provides aerospace and military technology to your vehicle to control the heat in your engine bay, improve cylinder scavenging of exhaust gases, and increase the longevity of your header investment. (read more here)

  • Big Block Chevy
    • Header Finish
      Silver Ceramic, Satin Black, Plain Steel (unfinished)

Product questions

Please to ask a question.
  • Eddie robertson
    Jan 5, 2018, 20:08

    I have 496 Chevy with 671 blower with. Voomie headers really loud. Can baffles quiet it down without damage. Was in question about back pressure back to the blower its in a 30 ford. Thanjs

    Jan 6, 2018, 15:23

    The Zoomie headers include baffles and although the exhaust tone will still be quite loud for some people's taste, the baffles are not going to have a negative affect on back pressure or the supercharger. As long as the engine is tuned properly, there shouldn't be any problems that would affect the supercharger.

  • Andrew Malkogainnis
    Oct 22, 2017, 10:40

    I have a BBC under the hood of a 1967 Nova still have original inner Fenders. Will they fit If I do some miner fabrication?

    Oct 22, 2017, 12:59

    Seriously? Only if you consider a minor modification that of stretching the Nova about 16", removing the fenders entirely (or turning it into a funny car), and numerous other modifications. NO, the Zoomie does not have a chance of fitting a factory '67 Nova.

  • John Parker
    Jul 4, 2017, 12:50

    Would these fit a 96 Hadman Funny car?

    Jul 4, 2017, 12:57

    Most headers for funny car applications are built to clear the body. I have no idea if our header set will fit that chassis properly without custom fabrication of the header.

  • bobby turner
    Jul 2, 2016, 11:43

    could you make me a set of headers for a sbc like your bbc style..............thanks

    Jul 2, 2016, 12:06

    What you suggest would typically not fit the chassis due to the vertical engine location and width variations between the small block (versus the big block) in the frame. Custom headers start at $1500.00 per set.


Big Block Chevy Zoomie Dimension Graphic

NOTE: Image graphic not drawn to scale.

The "B" dimension equals 20" (50.8 cm)




Vehicle Applications


T-Buckets CS, RP
1927-1929 cars and trucks CS, RP
1930-1931 cars and trucks CS, RP
1932-1934 cars and trucks CS, RP

CS = Standard Cross Steer; RP = Rack & Pinion

Engine Applications:

  • Chevy Big Block (396-454, 502) V8

Baffle Inserts:

Sanderson Headers does NOT provide holes for mounting the muffler inserts due to possible liability issues. Safe installation and proper securing of the insert is the responsibility of the customer or installer.

Baffle Installation Procedure:

First, make sure you have the correct sized muffler inserts for your application. Our 1.875" inserts are for small block engine applications, and the 2.250" inserts are for big block engine applications.

For NEW installations - Notice that one end of each Sanderson muffler insert is partly closed off with a welded washer. Insert the muffler into one of the pipes of the header with the closed-off end first. Drill a hole through the bottom of the header pipe which will also go through the wall of the muffler. Insert a bolt through that hole and tighten it with the nut on the inside. (Some customers have used sheet metal screws to hold the mufflers in place, but such screws tend to quickly vibrate loose.) When the mufflers are securely fitted in all eight pipes, the headers are ready to put on the engine.


  1. The Patented Leak-Free Design that Sanderson Headers offer you is the only leak-free flange design on the market ... Do Not Attempt To Use Flange Gaskets! The raised flange on the Sanderson Headers will buckle the gasket during tightening and actually cause a leak!
  2. Sanderson Headers are NOT emissions legal on pollution-controlled motor vehicles. It is the purchaser's responsibility to verify local regulations for compliance.
  3. Wrapping your Sanderson Headers with ANY thermal tape voids your header warranty. The best thermal protection for your headers is our Aluminized Ceramic Coating that is available for every Sanderson Header.

Limited 5 Year General Warranty

Sanderson Street Rod Headers strives to supply our customers with the highest quality parts and service available in the street rod industry. In keeping with this, we warrant and will repair or replace, at our option after inspection in our facility, any of our products which are found by us to have failed due to defects in either material or workmanship.  This warranty is activated by the return of the Warranty Card enclosed with every pair of headers, and is effective for FIVE YEARS * from the date of purchase as indicated on the original invoice.

This Warranty does not cover products that fail due to improper motor tuning, alteration, disassembly, or damage caused by racing, misuse, neglect, abuse, improper installation and/or accident, or when used on applications for which they were not designed or approved. We are specifically not responsible for the costs of removal, installation, transportation, destruction of other components, inconvenience, loss of time, or other personal damages, or for any other associated costs including the application of aftermarket coatings applied by others. Sanderson Street Rod headers shall not be liable for any and all consequential damages occasioned by the breach of any written or implied warranty pertaining to this sale in excess of the purchase price of the product(s) as found on the original invoice.



* Extremely compact header designs which locate the collector in close proximity to the exhaust ports are very sensitive to engine tuning. Improper air/fuel mix or timing of ignition and/or valvetrain can cause early failure due to excessive heat. For this reason, part numbers CC2 and CC3 are offered with a two-year Warranty period only. All other Warranty conditions apply.

Sanderson 5-Yr Header Warranty


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