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Sanderson Thermal Ceramic Coating

Ceramic Coatings Offer Superior Performance...

Sanderson's Ceramic Coated Headers Provide:

  • Exceptional Corrosion Resistance - We coat our products both outside and inside.
  • Temperature Fatigue Protection - Unlike chrome, ceramics do not cause hydrogen embrittlement.
  • Low Heat Transfer - Keeps your engine compartment cooler.
  • Superior Appearance - Protects against chipping, abrasion, and discoloration.
  • Reduced Maintenance - Throw away the chrome polish. Just wash and wax.
  • High Tech Style - Our standard is high-luster silver.

Technology that was originally developed for the aerospace and military industries has been quick to catch on in marine and auto racing. Always looking for an edge, race drivers and their crews are the first to try new advances in "high-tech" processes. The application of thermal barrier coatings to metals in one good example of how space age research pays off on the street.

Racking Newly Coated Sanderson Headers

Our in-house ceramic coating equipment enables us to control the quality of our products from start to finish.

Plus, we can maintain an inventory of coated headers that are ready to ship, and turnaround custom orders quickly.

Chrome plating has enjoyed a lot of popularity in engine and chassis detailing, and it still has its own special appeal, but good chrome has become very expensive. The raw materials are scarce, especially the highly refined grades that are used in plating, and industrial and environmental safety laws have become increasingly strict. The impact is that what we have always referred to as "show quality" chrome now costs a bundle to produce. We no longer offer chrome plated headers.

Ceramic Coatings have given us an alternative that comes with some built-in performance advantages. Not only do the coatings keep their new appearance long term with less maintenance, they also contribute to extending the lifespan of the headers in significant ways.

It's important to make the distinction between ceramic coating and powder coating. The two processes are sometimes thought to be the same, but they are entirely different. Powder coating is a great substitute for paint, offering superior chip, abrasion, and solvent resistance, and comes in an incredibly wide range of colors. It is not the material of choice when it comes to exhaust components. Heat will destroy powder finishes in relatively short order.

Buffing Newly Coated Sanderson Headers

Sanderson Headers are made by a team of skilled craftspeople, employing the best materials and technology available.

When you want the best quality, service, and down-the-road performance, you'll choose Sanderson Headers!

Thermal header coatings also contribute to keeping the exhaust velocity up, promoting better scavenging of the cylinders, which equates to lower engine temperatures and better performance. Ceramic coatings are very heat tolerant. The term "thermal barrier" refers to the ability of the material to resist heat transfer, so your engine compartment stays cooler. In addition, the coating is highly resistant to corrosion from salt  and water exposure, oxidadtion, and damage. What you get is a good-looking header that won't turn blue, rust out, or suffer from metal fatigue (weld cracking) when used on a properly tuned engine. We coat both the inside and outside of our headers, which costs a little more, but easily doubles the lifespan of our products.


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